shutterstock_143045899All reporting is available online and the data is real-time so running a report is not constricted to when we are able to run them. In addition, our reporting system can be set up to automatically run various reports on specified days of the month, based on your preference.

Information placed into the travel record (including department numbers, travel authorization codes, job number, employee codes, etc…) is pulled into our reporting system so that the data can be captured for dashboards views or reporting. Based upon your reporting needs, we would determine the data you want reflected within the reports to include total spend, savings, lost opportunities, exceptions, etc. Additionally, we can pull in exchange data to demonstrate the total cost of the ticket to include fare, airline fees and agency fees. The library of 700+ reports reflects a myriad of information including but not limited to: top travelers, airlines, average ticket price, city pairs, hotel, car, exchange, YTD. Specific reports may include: Top Traveler Exception, Air Exception, Exception by department, Global Lost Savings Summary, Lost Savings Summary By Passenger, Savings – Lost Savings Detail with HF LF.

Carlisle can provide both pre and post travel data from our Reporting/BI system Grasp Data. GDS data (pre-trip, travel-in-progress) is refreshed every 15-20 minutes; back office post-trip (accounting) data can be refreshed either 12x/day or 1x/day. Reports can be pre-scheduled to generate and be distributed on a timely basis, or can be run ad-hoc, as needed. Data can be viewed in pdf, xlx, xls data only, WORD, rich text or xml formats.

Carlisle can run ad-hoc reports directly from the system culled from the 700+ report library, or create custom reports using the Report Builder functionality. wish access to the system, we can assign login credentials to users so that they can run reports independently.