Our Philosophy

We believe a successful corporate travel program focuses on two things:

  • Service
  • Relationships with vendors

We pride ourselves on service and always go above and beyond for our clients to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations. When you work with Carlisle you are working with experienced staff and you are working with the owners of the company. There are not many travel agencies’ today that you are able to call the president of the company and discuss an issue and look for a resolution. We are very hands on and this hands on approach is reflected in our exceptional client retention rate. In an environment where competition is high, business’ deserve a company that will make a difference. The flip side of high touch service is the personal relationship with our vendors. We work directly with our reps to get our clients the best available services in their contracts at the best rates. Another differentiator of Carlisle vs. other “Mega” agencies is the agents and staff who you will be interfacing with are the same ones who have the relationship with the airline, car and hotel reps. The Mega agency’s have one rep at corporate and your agents have never met them. This makes a HUGE difference when one of your travelers is stranded and you need someone from the “inside” to work on making a difference for that traveler.

Your travelers will get unprecedented service, the door is always open to Senior Management to solve any issue, we are large enough to participate in preferential pricing tiers established by the major suppliers, and our technology is on par with our major competitors.

Meet the Team

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