Choosing the right corporate travel management solution can be precarious. Often, making the wrong choice can lead to a poor travel experience. In many cases, using the next door agency simply won’t cut it; you will most likely be faced with awful rates and mediocre customer service.

The modern era enables us to actually have much more control over solutions that are available to us. For instance, a proper travel solution is a must for any business that requires frequent traveling. Being able to control costs and maximize time usage is a must. However, many businesses often settle for poor solutions, which in the end does not benefit them.

In this article, we’ll break down the steps that will help you choose the most adequate corporate travel management solution.

Assess your current service provider
As a starting point, it is advised to assess your current travel management provider. This will help you identify areas where you already are satisfied and those that need a fix. Common areas of dissatisfaction for travelers are frequently linked to the following:

– Poor / non-existent customer support

– Long administrative procedures

– Poor travel policies

– Much higher rates for businesses

– Limited access to low-cost flights for businesses

– Fees for support calls

Rate you current travel management provider according to the pointers listed. If you fall into any of these categories, you need to change your corporate travel management solution provider.

List down everything that matters to your business needs
You already identified the problem(s) in the first step. Now, you already know what to ‘solve’ in order to choose the right corporate travel management provider. Your list will depend on the problems you identified and your business needs.

A proper corporate travel management company should always provide the following:

– Dedicated support at NO extra cost

– Administrative procedures handled responsibly within a reasonable time-frame

– Ability to cater for any special needs if required (e.g. disabled passengers)

– Competitive rates and access to low-cost options if needed

– Solid guarantees and policies in place

Important: NEVER settle for poor service.

Filter through corporate travel management providers
Now that you already know what’s not working and what you want, you most likely have a narrower list of providers.

To make your choice easier, here are some key variables that you should always consider


For corporate travel, the main objective is always to maximize the value of your travel spend. Your solution provider should be able to give you a detailed list of fees beforehand – this will reduce any unexpected surprises. Also, consider what is being offered in exchange for the price; is this service really worth it? Can I find better value elsewhere? These questions may help you filter out the scammers from the legit guys. From there on, you can use these fees to directly compare your now narrowed list of solutions.

Industry experience

It would be a ‘win’ if you can choose a corporate travel management company that already has (a lot of) experience in your industry. Why? Simply because they have already been there and done that! Experienced TMCs will already know what your expectations are and most likely provide the ancillary services that you may require. For instance, Carlisle is heavily experienced in providing travel solutions to the film industry.

Duty of care

In a fast-moving world, it is of utmost importance for your TMC to know who’s traveling where, and when. A decent corporate travel provider should be pro-active and have a proper traveler tracking system in place. This ensures safety that everything is going on as planned and is managed as required.

Round the clock support

If you frequently have staff traveling around the globe and in different time-zones, it is essential that a proper customer support system is in place. You should ask your travel solution provider how they handle queries off office hours. In most cases, the customer support is outsourced. Dig in and don’t be shy to ‘test’ the support service before signing up.

Data security

Since you will most likely be sharing personal information about your staff and company, it is extremely important to ensure security is top-notch. Do not hesitate to ask about the measures in place to safeguard your data, and all the third parties involved in the process. In many cases, there will be a few third parties that will have access to the information you share.

Additional services

A reliable and longstanding corporate travel management company will definitely be able to offer you additional perks. These include expense management, analysis of your travel spend and reporting. Always ask for every little detail that would make you ‘happier’ as a customer.

The easiest solution for you

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