Traveling for business may not be the easiest thing to do for many business travelers. Changing time zones, sleeping awkwardly on the plane and checking your mobile phone every now and then can often get you off-track.

We have compiled the top business travel tips to make sure you have a smoother experience on your next business trip.


  • Set your out-of-office reminder

This may sound basic, but thousands of business travelers often forget to set their out-of-office reminder. While you are at it, if possible, mention your return date so that no one gets upset. A simple step like this one will ensure your clients, colleagues or anyone who will email you will know you are not ignoring them!


  • Print your itinerary

First and foremost, print your itinerary. While you most likely have it on your phone already, it is good practice to keep a physical copy at hand. No one is safe from a phone breakdown or worst, from losing the phone itself.


  • Limit your luggage

It is always tempting to bring along all the cool shirts you have. However, if this is your first time traveling for business, bring only the essentials. This will ensure your luggage size limit does not go over-board, resulting in higher fees. If possible, bring only a carry-on, especially if you will be on tight deadlines; this will save you time, as with no luggage checked-in, you won’t have to wait for it when you land.


  • Check-in ahead of time

Another time-saving business travel tip is to check-in for your flight online or through the airline’s app and print your boarding pass before you reach the airport. Very often, you will be able to skip the check-in and go straight to security.


  • Keep customer service stored on your phone

Keep customer service numbers at hand will ensure you have quick access to the right people in case anything comes up. For instance, if your flight is canceled, or you need to do any modifications to your arrangements, it is easier to call your customer support rather than wait in line once you are there.


  • Charge all your devices before getting on the plane

Finally, ensure all your devices are charged before getting on the plane. You never know what difficulties you may encounter ahead. For example, knowing you will not run out of power on your phone already removes one pain possible pain point from the lot.


How to make your business trip easier

Traveling for business is never easy, even for the most experienced traveler. One way to smooth down the whole process is to get a travel management company take care of your trip.

Carlisle Travel Management can help you every step of your business trip. With a range of services available, we handle most aspects of your travel to ensure you have the best possible experience. From luggage handling to booking your meeting space, Carlisle Travel Management goes the extra mile to make sure your business travel needs are met.


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