shutterstock_143045899 Carlisle Travel Management features corporate reporting services, with the data featured in real time. Therefore, we can run reports whenever you need them. In addition, we can automate the reporting system to run reports on specific days, based on your business needs and preferences.

Examples of Reporting Data

Data inserted into a travel record may include:

  • Department number
  • Travel authorization codes
  • Job numbers
  • Employee codes

This information can be captured in the reporting system and used for dashboard viewing or reports.

Customizing the Data for Reporting Purposes

You can customize your reports to show items, such as:

  • Total spent
  • Savings
  • Lost opportunities
  • Exceptions

What you include depends on your company’s specific analyses and reporting needs.

700+ Reports Available for Access

We can also supply exchange data in reports to show the total cost of a ticket, including the fare, airline fees, and agency costs. Our 700+ report library contains a myriad of data, including, but not limited to:

  • Top travelers
  • Airlines
  • Average ticket prices
  • City pairs
  • Hotel data
  • Car info
  • Exchanges
  • Year-to-date (YTD) statistics

Specific Reporting Items

Specific reports may include items, such as:

  • Top traveler exception
  • Air exception
  • Exception by department
  • Global lost savings summary
  • Lost savings summary by passenger
  • Lost savings detail, with high-frequency (HF), low-frequency (LF)

Refreshing, Prescheduling and Supplying Data

Carlisle Travel Management provides both pre- and post-travel data from our reporting/BI system, Grasp Data. We refresh GDS data (pre-trip or travel-in progress info) approximately every 20 minutes.

We revise and refresh back office post-trip (accounting) data 12 times per day or once each day.

We can preschedule reports to generate and distribute info on a timely or as-needed basis. Clients may view data in PDF, xls, xlx, Word, rich text or xml formats.

Report Run Options – Designed Especially for You

Carlisle Travel Management can run ad-hoc reports directly from its 700+ report library or create a custom report using Report Builder software. If you prefer to access corporate reporting and run your own reports, we can assign login credentials for this purpose.