Entertainment Travel

As a branch of Tzell Travel Group, Carlisle Travel Management represents one of the most successful and established entertainment travel management companies globally. We have provided travel since 1941. Therefore, we have developed an unsurpassed network of travel contacts. These relationships make it possible for us to offer quality travel and logistic services for our entertainment clientele.

Let Us Take Care of Your Travel Needs Now

Let us handle all the travel details for your next production. Our travel professionals have the know-how and experience to assist you with trip planning. We can provide you with the assistance you need to ensure your production’s success. Because Carlisle Travel Management works with the biggest names in the entertainment and music field, our team can streamline all your travel plan so you can focus on creating a memorable video, show, or performance.

Our long list of clients in the entertainment field proves that we have the resources and knowledge required to provide the highest level of service at a reasonable price.

Enjoy the Advantages of Competitive Pricing and Specialized Services

Our global purchasing power gives you a competitive price advantage, whether your travels take you to an international location or a local destination.

Because they represent the best in the entertainment travel business, our travel professionals can help with your unique travel entertainment needs and planning.




             We Make Show Business Our Business


Carlisle’s travel agents have supported entertainment professionals since 1941. Whether we assist a cast member with his or her travel plans or provide logistics planning for an entire crew, we will always ensure that the show will go on.

  • Count on Carlisle Travel Management for:
    • Ongoing travel support. Our entertainment agents know how to anticipate problems and adjust travel plans for a crew and cast quickly and conveniently.
    • Special services. Because of our relationship with worldwide travel suppliers, we can help you get the right rooms at selected hotels or make ticket changes at the lowest possible cost. Wherever you go in the world, we can give you the special services and attention you expect and deserve.
    • Quick resolutions. Because our travel professionals possess a specialized knowledge in entertainment travel, you will always have access to someone who can plan your trip and provide quick resolutions, day or night.

    Give us a call today to arrange the travel plans for your next show or production. We can assist you with all of your specific travel needs.