Jack Saxe
Jack SaxePresident
He has been President of Carlisle Travel Management since 1981. Prior to his tenure at Carlisle Travel Management, Jack Saxe was Vice President of Sales & Marketing for one of the world’s largest jean manufacturers in the world, running a successful department with over 300 employees working for him. In 1981, Jack decided to leave the clothing industry and purchase Carlisle Travel Management. He says “This has been the greatest accomplishments of my life and really the most successful.” Jack has used his leadership skills to make Carlisle Travel Management one of the top travel management companies in the United States.
Ellen Saxe
Ellen SaxeVice President, Carlisle Incentives
With over 40 years experience in the motivational and incentive industry, Ellen is truly the backbone of Carlisle. Ellen began her career in the travel industry in the mid-70’s running group tours to Europe. Having a keen business acumen, her career quickly took off when she started selling incentive travel for one of the largest incentive travel companies in the Midwest. After three years of working for someone else, she branched out on her own and started Carlisle Incentives as a separate division of CarlisleTravel Management. Today, Ellen is responsible for the entire Incentives division, using her vast knowledge of the industry, destinations, and program administration to guide both our employees and our clients on how to run the most unique, cost effective and efficient incentive programs in the industry.
Jerry Saxe
Jerry SaxeVice President, Sales
With over 30 years of travel industry experience, Jerry has been instrumental in creating and implementing corporate travel management programs and incentive/motivational programs across a vast array of companies and industries throughout the world. Jerry has worked with Senior Management at many of Carlisle’s clients, including several Fortune 500 companies. Jerry has been effective in significantly cutting the overspend in travel and improving client satisfaction within their travel programs. Jerry has developed marketing strategies to increase sales through motivational/incentive travel and has put together travel incentive programs that will last a lifetime for the achievers. Jerry is one of the hardest working people in the industry and will stop at nothing to get the job completed 24 hours a day. His inspiration has been a true motivation for other employees in the company to achieve these same goals and provide the same level of service to our customers. Jerry has long standing relationships with suppliers to provide the very best for the customers of Carlisle. His creativity and tenacity and work ethic has been key factors in shaping Carlisle into what it is today. Jerry holds a BSBA in Administration from the University of Arizona and currently resides in Los Angeles County.